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May 30, 2005


Angie Keeton


I am certainly glad to hear that you enjoyed this production as an audience member as much as we did as performers. It is always hard to prepare for the unfortunate case that even though you are in awe and amazement of a show, that your audience may not have that same experience or response. Thanks for supporting the MN Opera!!

I was crazy Mao Secretary #2 :)
Angie Keeton

George Schmitt

George here. I just want to note how excited I became upon receiving the between-Acts text message from Boris about his enjoyment of the opera. Having recommended it to him, I knew he would enjoy the opera as long as the production was good. Luckily, Angie Keeton, the other Crazy Mao Secretary's, and the rest of the cast seem to have done a fantastic job with the work. Needs to be performed more often...

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